3rd Qtr 2018 Newsletter

2nd Qtr 2018 Newsletter

1st Qtr 2018 Newsletter

4th Qtr 2017 Newsletter

3rd Qtr 2017 Newsletter

2nd Qtr 2017 Newsletter
I Think You're Mything the Poing
Breastfeeding Designation
Troubles on the Highway
A Vagabond Life: Mental Illness and Housing
Cloquet and Mora Early Learning Centers Open
Certified Community Action Professionals
Seeds to Grow On
Isanti Resident Receives His First Vehicle
Housing Finance Agency Capacity Building Grant
Poverty Simulation Offers Insight
Rehabilitation Loan Programs
Jail Outreach
Audiometer Donation
Changes Affecting Housing Assistance
Community Needs Assessment
Volunteer Opportunities
Senior Services
Small Cities Development Program
Bedtime Backpack Donation
Farmers Markets
1st Qtr 2017 Newsletter
A Measure of Greatness
Manage Your Money Wisely
Glad Family Donation
Health Care Coverage
Free Vegetable Seeds
Health Care Directives
MNSure Success
See is Believing
Chore Services Springs into Action
Poverty Simulation
Medica Dental Extension
It Pays to do Your Own Taxes
New Face
Poverty Through Different Eyes
March Madness Food Drive
Reasons to Work at a Non-Profit
4th Qtr 2016 Newsletter
Holding Your Breath?
Journey With an Advocate
Combination Programs
Senior Chore Services
Operation Community Connect
Dental Days
Chirstmas Families
Giving to Others
After Hours Crisis Situations
Living on Too Little
Outwear Donations
Energy Assistance Program 2016-2017
Poverty Simulation
MHFA Loan Program
Working Together for Warmth
Who Buys Car Insurance After the Accident?
Donation Results in Gift of Trasportation
Why Drain Money From Your Tax Refund?
Complete Conservation Improvement
A Humble Reminder
Energy Related Repair
Small Cities Development Program
Reach out for Warmth
Emergency & Accessibility Rehab Loan
Crisis Benefits 2016-2017
One For All, All For One
Housing: Foundation to Getting Her Life Back
Small Steps-Huge Impact
Caring Members
A Community Giving Back
Vita Tax Schedule
3rd Qtr 2016 Newsletter
What's In a Community
52nd Annual Board of Directors Meeting
Crisis Benefits 2016-17
If you see a need, take the lead!
Reach out for Warmth
SNAP Benefits the Community
Cloquet Rehabilitation Project
Mora Rehabilitation Project
New Openings for New Beginnings
After-Hour Crisis Situations
Community Kindness is Shining
Energy Assistance Program 2016-17
Shared Vision of Community Action
Delivering the Goods
Computer Donation
Head Start - New Performance Standards
Caring Members
Rehabilitation Loan Fact Sheet
MnSure Open Enrollment-Help is Available
Lakes and Pines Provides Donated Vehicle
Energy Related Repairs for Homeowners
2nd Qtr 2016 Newsletter
Between A Rock And A Hard Place
Fun in the Sun!
Energy Assistance Program 2015-16
Getting a "Head Start" at Lakes and Pines!
After-Hours Crisis Situations
Early Head Start and Head Start Standards Change
ECE Caring Members
Volunteers needed for Senior Chore Services
A "Community Action" Heart
Do you think your car insurace is fairly priced?
Parade Update
Energy Related Repair Program 2015-16
Garden Seed
Applying for help can feel overwhelming
Foster Grandparents
Reach Out For Warmth
Pathway II Scholarship Funding
Vehicle Donation
Crisis Benefits 2015-16
Dental Day
Caution When Inviting Anyone to Stay At Your Home
LAP Opening 3 Head Start Centers This Fall and 5 Combination Sites
Domestic Violence Partners
1st Qtr 2016 Newsletter
Maximum Feasible Participation
Outerwear Donation
Homeless Day on The Hill
Crisis Benefits 2015-2016
Financial Literacy Classes
Hidden Costs of Car Insurance
Auto Insurance Survey
Energy Assistance Program 2015-2016
Medica Grant
ECE Caring Members
Small Cities Development Program
Conservation Improvement Programs
Free Vegetable Seeds for Garden Seed Program
Adopt A Highway, Spring 2016
Energy Related Repair Program
Once Upon a Reader Donation
Domestic Violence and Homelessness
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
Emergency and Accessibility Rehabilitation Programs
Dental Days
Community Fix Up Loan Program
Reach Out For Warmth
Donated Vehicle to Family in Isanti County
After--Hours Crisis Situations
Participates in Local Job FairsLakes Fairs
4th Qtr 2015 Newsletter
A New Word
A New Employee Perspective
Family Resource Specialist
EAP 2015-2016
A Christmas Angel
After-Hours Crisis Situations
Crisis Benefits
Senior Chore Services
Reach Our for Warmth
Bundle Services - A Huge Hit
ECE Caring Members
Amazing What can Happen when Given a Second Chance!
Walking a Mile in Their Shoes
Tax Reminder
Weatherization and Energy Housing Christmas Families
Getting a "Head Start" at Lakes and Pines!
Pine County Operation Community Connect
Help Applying for Health Insurance is Available
Lakes and Pines Has Volunteer Opportunities
Season of Giving
Energy Related Repair Program 2015-2016
Dental Days
E-Filing Taxes to Begin on Feb. 2, 2016!
3rd Qtr 2015 Newsletter
Big Deal
North Branch Office
Senior Services Program Coordinator
EAP 2015-2016
On-Going Rental Assistance WORKS!
Kohl's Cares, and it shows!
Reach Out for Warmth
Fare for ALL
Greater Twin Cities United Way
51st Annual Board of Director Meeting
Energy Related Repair Program (2015-2016)
New Offices and Improved Serviecs!
Celebrate Success!
ECE Caring Members
Is Housing An Issue Around Here>
MNsure Open Enrollemnt Schedule
Kindness Goes a Long Way
Adopt a Highway
2nd Qtr 2015 Newsletter
In Memory.......
Generous Community-Minded Individuals
Energy Assistance Program 2014-2015
Adopt-A-Highway 2015
Head Start Works Together with Families
Regional Prevention Coordinator
Energy Related Repair 2014-2015
We are Looking for Some Very Special People!
Getting a "Head Start" at Lakes and Pines!
Certified Community Action Professionals
Crisis Program 2014-2015
Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program
Reach out for Warmth
Job Fais
Transistion from Prison to Community
2014-2015 EAP Survey
Building Blocks for Success
ECE Caring Members
1st Qtr 2015 Newsletter
Incredibly Hard Work
Community Needs Assessment
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance News
Crisis Program 2014-2015
"Thank You!" to Kohl's Cares for Kids
Conservation Improvement Programs
Hunger Day on the Hill, Homeless Day on the Hill
Grateful Giving Calendar
Changing Gaits
Bright Beginnings Involves Long-Distance Dad via Skype
Energy Assistance Program, ERR, ROFW
Emergency & Accessibility Rehabilitation Loan Program
Successful Outreach
From Forest to Shelter
Regional Housing Study Complete
National Head Start Association Awards and Scholarships
After-Hours Crisis Situations
You Can Get Affordable Health Care
4th Qtr 2014 Newsletter
2015 Really?!!!
Head Start Receives Donations to Help Families
EAP 2014-2015
Brownie Blankets
Christmas Families
A Car For Christmas!!
A Family in Need at Christmas
Thank You
LAP Receives Mini-Grant Through SHIP
Dining Room Table
ECE Caring Members
Reach Out For Warmth / ERR
Mental Health Partnering with Head Start
Operation Community Connect Needs You
E-Filing Taxes to Begin Jan. 20th / Tax Time
I'll Admit, I was Nervous
After Hours Crisis Situations
Frozen ... no really, frozen to the ground!
3rd Qtr 2014 Newsletter
Carry Forward
50th Annual Board of Director's Meeting
Parents as the 1st and most important teacher
More people are eligible for WIC than you may think...
Head Start
DIY Winterizing Tips
EAP 2014-2015, ERR, ECE Caring Members, ROFW
Adopt A Highway
MNSure Open Enrollment
MN Housing Approved Lender Network
Coordinated Referrals
Financial Literacy Couseling
Community Needs Assessment Survey
SSI/SSDI Application Assistance
Tax Program "Garage Sale" was a BIG success!
"Thank you" from a Community Services Client"
Rental Tips for Former Felons
SOAR and Children With Disabilities
2nd Qtr 2014 Newsletter
And The Winner Is......
East Central MN Job Fair
Help Applying for Food Benefits is Available
Financial Empowerment
Planting Seeds of Self Reliance
Housing Program for Ex-Offenders
You Can Help End Youth Homelessness in Rural MN!
SSI/SSDI Application Assistance
Getting a Head Start at Lakes and Pines
Partnering Licensed Family Child Care Provider Receives Award
Welcome to Facebook
EAP, Crisis Program, ERR,
After-Hours Crisis Situations, Caring Members, ROFW
1st Qtr 2014 Newsletter
Crisis, What Crisis?
The 50 Year War
Crisis Program 2013-2014
A little encourage ment leads to possibilities
Wanted: Updated Info on All Area Food Resources
Addressing Youth Homelessness
MNsure is still open! (But not for everyone)
LAP Provides Two Donated Vehicles to Families
Community Homeless Discussions
Crisis Program 2013-2014
Energy Assistance Program
Energy Related Repair
Reach out for Warmth
October 2013 Newsletter
New Directions
Energy Myth Busters
EAP 2014 Begins
Big Move for Head Start Partnership
Donated Vehicle to Mother in Aitkin County
Budgeting at Lakes and Pines
Stress Management
Family Assets for Independence in MN
Tax Assistance Program Needs Volunteers!!
49th Annual Board of Directors Meeting
Hunger Free MN Planning Grant
MNsure and Positive Points of the ACA
Lakes and Pines Facebook
School Readiness Goals for Infants and Toddlers
July 2013 Newsletter
What Goes Into a Network
Head Start Happenings
Head Start Health Literacy Project
Reach out for Warmth
Flood Assistance Funds Deadline Extended
VITA Program
Your Neigbors are Missing Meals
Are You a Borrower, Consumer or Saver?
Summer Fum Means Summer Safety
Garden Seed Program
What an Honor!
Celebrating 48 Years Strong
Parent Aware
Vehicle Donation Program
Need Assistance Applying for MN Health Care
The Chance of a Lifetime
April 2013 Newsletter
Where Are Those Voices Coming From?
Lakes and Pines Board of Directors
Building Blocks for Success
Vehicle Donation Program
May is Community Action Month
Tax Assistance Program is Busy!!!
Fresh Vegetable Seed for Garden Seed Program
Health Literacy Pilot for Head Start Families
Energy Assistance Program
Legislative Coffee a Fantastic Success
Reach out for Warmth
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Save for a Better Future
January 2013 Newsletter
Measure of Excellence
Flood Deadline Quickly Approaching
No More Closed-Door Referrals
Head Start Partners with Volunteer Dentist
SCDP - Is your community interested?
Every Dollar Saved... MATCHED
The Proof is in the Success Stories - Head Start WORKS!
EH Department Adopts Familes for Christmas
Collateral Consequenses of Criminal Records
Hello from the Building Blocks for Success Program
October 2012 Newsletter
Exciting Times
FYI is going GREEN in 2013!
OFF to a Better Start
Women, Infants, and Children
New Home Mortgage Refinancing Rules Explained
Help for Those Affected by the Flood
Letter Received from Head Start Parent
48th Annual Board of Director's Meeting
Backpacks for the Head Start Homeless Option
Homeless Youth and the Host Home Program
July 2012 Newsletter
How Does a CAP Plan Anyway?
Preparing Children for Kindergarten!
College Bound
Everything You Wanted to Know About Money...
FYI is going GREEN in 2013!
Homeless Services add “Family Activity Nights”
Rental Loan and Grant Funds Available
FREE tenant seminars this summer
Pine and Carlton County Disaster Relief Centers
MinnesotaCare transition for adults without children
Domestic Abuse
Paying Your Heating Bills During the Heat
Financial Literacy Program Update
April 2012 Newsletter
The Only Two Sure Things
Local Dental Champions for Head Start Smiles
2012 Tax Clinic Story
Confused About What Lakes and Pines Does? Dont't Be!
Family Childcare Generous Donation
Greater Twin Cities United Way Funding
Financial Literacy Classes 2012
Help Wanted: Partners For Garden Seed Program
Are you a Renter?
Head Start School Readiness Goals
Successful Expansion of the Tax Assistance Program
April is Tornado Awareness Month
Emergency and Accessibility and Rehab Loan Programs
DOE Weatherization Funds Cut
Emergency Benefit Adjustment Program
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
January 2012 Newsletter
"Can Do" Community
Delta Dental Donation / Give Kids a Smile
Lakes and Pines 2012 Income Tax Assistance Program
What Can One Person Do?
Financial Literacy Classes 1st Quarter 2012
Winter Driving Safety
Buy Locally: True Economic Stimulus
Head Start Thankful for Winter Wear Donations
Help Plan for Retirement
October 2011 Newsletter
  • Who Doesn't Like a Family Reunion?
  • Head Start Welcomes Two New Partnerships!
  • Healthy Head Start Fair
  • United Way Success Story
  • Home Vistor Receives Community Action Award
  • Women, Infants, and Children
  • 47th Annual Board of Directors Meeting
  • Minnesota Telephone Discounts
  • 8th Annual Landlord Seminar
  • MN Homeless Coalition - Youth and Ex-Offender Focus
  • Foreclosures and the Housing Market
  • Support Your Local Tax Clinic
  • Financial Literacy Partners
  • Financial Literacy Coaching
  • Financial Literacy Coach Position
  • Moose Lake Prison Transistions Fair
July 2011 Newsletter
  • No Doubt
  • Youth Homelessness... A Rural Snapshot
  • ECE Caring Members
  • Planting Seeds of Self-Sufficiency
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Lakes and Pines Get Congressional Visit
  • Summer Fun... Head Start Style!
  • Coborn's Brat Stand
  • Community Services Department Update
  • Primary Heat Program
  • Reach Out For Warmth (ROFW)
  • Children Score Big in Minnesota Reading Corps
April 2011 Newsletter
May is Community Action Month
Home to Our Very Own Head Start Hero!
Voices for Children Advocacy Day
Lakes and Pines Facebook!
Lakes and Pines Tax Clinic is Successful Again This Year!
Limited Car Repair Grants Available
Energy Assistance Program
Garden Seed Project
Housing Rehabilitation Program, Phase XV
Website Redesign
January 2011 Newsletter
The Three Rs of 2011
Lakes and Pines Board of Directors
Minnesota Zoo Tickets
MN Head Start Association Parent Leadership Event
MHSA Parent Conference / Parent Comment
Pediatiric Dentist Volunteers for Head Start Smiles
CLASS in Head Start
Emergency & Accessibility Rehabilitation Loan Program
2011 Tax Assistance Clinics
Lakes and Pines Hosts "Coffee Hour"
Adopting a Family for Chistmas - 2010
True Economic Stimulus Before it was a Popular Phrase